Assam: Controversial MLA Sherman Ali demands suspension of SP Anand Mishra

Controversial MLA

Following the release of the inquiry report on the Nagaon Kirtti Kamal Bora shooting case, controversial MLA Sherman Ali Ahmed demanded that the government suspend and arrest Nagaon Superintendent of Police Anand Mishra.

“When I was in jail for two months, I met many prisoners who were shot by the police in fake encounters,” Sherman Ali told the media.

“They told me they were taken to locations where they were forced to run, and if they didn’t, the police would shoot them from a short distance,” he added. “It appears to me that 99 percent of the encounters are phoney.”

He went on to say that in a democracy, the police cannot decide everything, and that simply shooting someone does not make one guilty. He said it was for the judiciary to decide who is guilty. “Shooting a person who is still accused is not an option”, he added.

The legislator went on to say that the report by the Additional Chief Secretary proves the fake encounter in which Kirtti was shot by police and how the SP tried to frame him in a bogus case.

“The government should suspend and arrest Anand Mishra immediately”, he added.

Sherman went on to say that if the investigation had not been conducted, Anand Mishra’s truth about the fake encounters might have remained hidden.

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