Manipur: Congress blames BJP for its defeat in Assembly elections

Congress blames BJP for its defeat in Assembly elections

The opposition Congress blamed a number of factors for its defeat in the recently concluded Manipur assembly elections.

In the 2017 Assembly elections, Congress emerged as the single largest party, winning 28 seats out of the 60-member house. This time, Congress may only win 5 seats.

Moreover, during a press conference at the Manipur PCC headquarters, Congress leader and Manipur in-charge Bhakta Charan Das blamed the party’s poor performance on the management of EVMs, the election commission, the state administration, and election officials, including presiding officers.

Further, Das claimed that the sudden “stiff increase in votes” in the final hour of the election day, to the tune of 10-12 per cent, “shows that voting was heavily managed to favour the BJP candidates.”

“The organized crimes and violence have never happened in the history of Manipur elections and also in the history of any other elections across any other parts of the country. The BJP has used Kuki rebel outfits to garner votes,” Das said.

In addition, he said that now they demand emphatically that the demands of the Kuki militant outfits be met as soon as possible in order to resolve the problem.

Das also accused the BJP of relying on Naga rebel groups to keep them in power.

Moreover, the Congress leader demanded, “Now, the BJP must disclose the contents of the Naga peace talk to the people of Northeast India and ensure that the Naga peace settlement gets results in a time-bound manner.”

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