Manipur : COVID-19 awareness drive by Assam Rifles

Near the border areas of Khongtal and Hengshi, Chandel district, as part of the Jan Andolan program a COVID-19 awareness drive was carried out by the Assam Rifles on November 9.

The locals in the border villages were informed about the importance of wearing face masks, maintaining physical distancing and personal hygiene by the Assam Rifles team.

The Assam rifles also handled the stretch of a forest fire which flamed up in the border village of Khullen in Chandel district.

Based on an urgent call for help by the village chief, Linkhankhup, the nearest

The Assam Rifles after getting a call from the village chief, Linkhankhup sent their quick reaction team to stop the spread of the fire.

The Assam Rifles team extinguished the fire later. The Village chiefs and locals were very thankful for their timely response in helping and bringing the situation under control.