Manipur : PREPAK militants killed in Myanmar

During an intra- group conflict at hideouts in Myanmar, top three leaders of Manipur’s proscribed group, People’s Revolutionary Party of Kangleipak (PREPAK) were killed.

In the intra-group conflict PREPAK’s ‘acting chairman’ Khumujam Ratan, ‘organization secretary’ Mayengbam Joychand and another leader Rajkumar Ramananda were killed in Chin province of Myanmar. It was reported that last week they were buried inside a forested area.

Top leader Aheiba Angom, who had “embezzled” above Rs 5 crore of the outfit’s funds ordered the killing of the three leaders.

The deceased leaders ordered for an inquiry into these financial irregularities which ultimately led to their killings.

Angom, to hide the crime, spread a rumour of a road accident that led to the deaths of the three leaders on May 23.

Officials informed that the last rites of the deceased militants were performed in a camp of the outfit after their bodies were recovered from a ravine.