Al Hek denies party’s demand for Rymbui’s resignation

Al Hek, the Health Minister and president of BJP parliamentary party said that the minister cannot be blamed wrong happenings in the state as he denied his party’s demand for Home Minister’s Lahkmen Rymbui’s resignation.

“If anything happens in the Health department you cannot just blame the Health minister; but it is his duty to inquiry and find out what when wrong,” Hek said.

Hek said, “I am not saying whether there is sync or not with the parliamentary party but if something happens in the Civil Hospital will you blame the Health Minister? Similarly if somebody dies during illegal coal mining can you directly blame the Home minister?”

The BJP MLA, asserted that no tension prevailed between the BJP state leadership and the Parliamentary Party leaders.

“We are one family. Of course there is difference in opinion on issues like in any family but at the end we are all together,” said Hek questioning about the difference.

The state leadership and the Parliamentary Party leaders have different views on the issue of corruption. Hek said the party’s stand was clear – zero tolerance against corruption.

“You cannot blame anyone without facts. You should have proof first,” he said.