Meghalaya coal mine politics; CM denies rift in MDA

In between demands from BJP over taking actions against illegal coal mine accident, Meghalaya chief minister Conrad K Sangma denied of any rift in the Meghalaya Democratic Alliance (MDA) on Thursday.

BJP state president Ernest Mawrie’s demanded that Meghalaya Home Minister Lahkmen Rymbui dhould step down due to failure in carrying out his responsibilities. In reaction, Sangma said that one party individual (BJP) do not justifies the views and opinions of the entire party.

Sangma said, “If you look, almost 90% of the party leaders are working very closely with their MDA colleagues and other coalition partners”.

Sangma said that there will be no replacement of Lahkmen Rymbui as the Home Minister.

On January 21 six persons, including three brothers, died inside an illegal coal mine after a crane carrying them snapped near Sorkari, Deinshalu Village of East Jaintia Hills district.

Sangma assured that compensation to the families of the six workers will be made as per rules.

In another reports, it was alleged that Meghalaya Cabinet Minister and UDP MLA from Khliehriat, Kyrmen Shylla’s brother is connected with the illegal coal mine where six workers died in an accident earlier this month. Shylla said he is ready to face a CBI inquiry.

“I am open to a CBI enquiry or any independent inquiry as far as allegations of illegal activities in my home district is concerned,” Shylla said.

“Any kind of illegal activities should not be entertained. Even if any of my family members is involved, they should be punished equally as per the law,” said Shylla.

“We want proper and legal mining should be carried out,” he said.

“If found that we’re backing illegalities, we are ready to step down. 2023 election is approaching, and with time it will be proved if we have done our job or not,” said Shylla.