Meghalaya: Eco-friendly paper project by St. Anthony’s College

To compete in the Futures+ Challenge from across India and South-east Asia, four students from the St. Anthony’s College from B.Sc third year qualified to the top fifteen list.
Organized by Sustainable Living Lab, Singapore, and National Institute of Technology (NIT), Warangal, Futures+ is an international community-driven innovation program to develop over 100 environmentally sustainable pilot projects addressing challenge areas such as livelihood, food security, and community health.
The Team F.A.P.N. include Farhina Choudhury, Ananya Gogoi, Prerna Jain and Natalya Lyngdoh. They came up with an eco-friendly solution to develop paper from organic waste such as fruit and vegetable fibers, along with betel nut husks free from harmful chemicals and bleach.
They main aim behind the development of their eco-friendly product is to provide a means of livelihood for the rural unemployed community in Meghalaya.
The team attended the workshops conducted by Futures+ for nearly two months and worked remotely from different locations amid pandemic.
Under the mentorship of the Kyrshan Foundation they got a “Special Mention” at the final rounds announced on November 1, where they were declared the top five teams at the international competition.