Meghalaya : Police needs inclusion of other Departments

Meghalaya Police have admitted that they cannot operate as desired alone in making sure that no illegal mining and transportation of coal in the state is done on allegations over illegal transportation of coal.

A senior Police official said, “Police are always at the frontline but we cannot function alone. For effective output we need to work in tandem with other branches of various other departments”. The official said, the rules of the NGT were circulated on timely manner to all the superintendents of police.

“We are complying with whatever the NGT is asking us to do and everything is in black and white.
All SPs are on the job and following procedures. Many cases have also been registered and action is being taken. It is a continuous process,” the official added.

He added, “Whatever reports or allegations we get are already being enquired into. It is not as if we are not doing anything. Any illegalities or allegations if proven will be firmly dealt with”.

An enquiry has been ordered into the viral single-page ‘payment-list’ marked ‘confidential’ that has an account of illegal payments made to state police by coal mafia besides another enquiry on allegations of State Police Personnel collecting money from trucks.

Details of payments by the coal mafia brought forward by few media houses, journalists and from police stations of Assam and Meghalaya had gone viral on social media. Video of a Police collecting money from trucks also went viral along with the others.