Meghalaya : Release revenue share; asks KHADC to govt

On Tuesday, the state government was asked by the Khasi Hills Autonomous District Council (KHADC) to release the council’s share of revenue early.

The council’s share of taxes which was pending since 2018-19 was further delayed by the government, said KHADC CEM Titos Chyne.

Chyne said, “The government made a partial payment recently but we still get Rs 20-30 crore as our share of taxes. We are pressurizing the government to release the dues early”.

Further delay in payment by the government would create problems for the council, like disbursement of salaries to its employees, he warned.

Chyne said the financial condition of KHADC is under control for the time.

Few people said that ADCs should be removed as Meghalaya is now a full-fledged state, to which Chyne replied that the ADCs are constitutional bodies with powers bestow on them by the Constitution of India.

He said, “The indigenous tribes of the state have this separate institution and we want to strengthen it as we are a small state and we want to protect our identity”.