Meghalaya : Strict legal action over illegal coal mine; UDP

To keep a vigil on illegal coal mining and transportation, strict enforcement of laws were sought by the United Democratic Party (UDP).

UDP general secretary, Jemino Mawthoh said, “Knee-jerk reactions and responses to unfortunate incidents and tragedies are not an answer the people expect,”.

Jemino referred to the Chief Minister’s statement over action against the coalmine mishap at Umpleng in East Jaintia Hills.

Coal mining has provided livelihood to families and has been an economic activity for years in the state. Mawthoh stated the state has procured generous amount of revenue and its economic activities have been sturdy in the coal mining areas and along the transportation route.

Accidents have taken lives of people and affecting their families in the past. He informed that the environmental degradation issue was raised before as well and that development and environmental protection needs to be balanced.

“Keeping all these considerations in view and the benefits that can be accrued, adherence to regulatory measures and strict enforcement to check illegalities are of paramount importance,” he said.