NEHU study on ‘leakages’ of Uranium ores

An in-depth study have started on leakages of uranium ores stored in tanks at Nongbah Jynrin in South West Khasi Hills district by a team of experts from the North Eastern Hill University (NEHU).

Chief secretary of Meghalaya, M.S. Rao said,  “NEHU has constituted an expert team, which has already started working,”.

The Meghalaya government had requested

NEHU and IIT Guwahati were requested by the State Government for an in-depth study on reports of a leakage from a concrete tank located 132 kms Southwest of Shillong, containing radioactive Uranium waste at Nongbah Jynrin.

Khasi Students’ Union (KSU) members had also complained about high-level of radio-active radiation in the area after visiting the site, accompanied by environmental economist Dr Bremley WB Lyngdoh.

Confirmation from IIT Guwahati is on hold however the NEHU team has been constituted, and  have started the work.

The Chief Secretary said, “These are institutes of repute. They will not stake their credibility and we believe they will give us report based on truth,”.