Revise of short-time inbound and outbound movement in Meghalaya

COVID-19 protocols for short time inbound and outbound movement of people gets revised by the Meghalaya Government with immediate effect.

As per the new protocols, all asymptomatic persons going out of Meghalaya for a short duration of 5 (five) days or less shall, on return, be exempted from quarantine if tested RAT negative at entry.

They shall provide a valid travel document in the form of air/rail ticket or taxi voucher or any other evidence validating such travel. If tested positive, SOP for home or institutional isolation should be followed.

Visitors coming for a specific purpose (business, examinations, industry, work, personal distress, etc.) to the State of Meghalaya for a short duration of 5 days or less are exempted from quarantine on the production of a COVID-Negative RAT report from a recognized laboratory.

The report will be valid only if they were tested within 48 hours of their arrival at the entry point. Such individuals can attend to their purpose of visit and are restricted to limited movement only from the residence to their workplace.

In case the visit needs to be extended for more than 5 days, the visitors should mandatorily undergo RT-PCR/CBNAAT/TruNat test at their own expense in any of the recognised laboratories in the State on the 5th day and they will be allowed to carry on with their work only after the declaration of the test result.

It is pertinent to note that all entrants exempted from quarantine are to closely monitor their health for 10 days from the date of entry into the state.

Upon development of any symptoms of COVlD-19, such individuals should self-report to the nearest healthcare facility/ANM/ ASHA worker.

All entrants will be monitored on a regular basis through IVRS calls from the Health Department. It is also mandatory that all entrants should diligently follow the three recommended practices of health at all times: wearing a mask, maintaining social distancing and practicing hand hygiene.

It may be mentioned here that this protocol supersedes the previous protocols vide No. Health.74/2020/106 dated 20-5-2020 and No. Health.10012020/63 dated 21-08-2020.