Congress accuses MNF government for failure in COVID-19 management

congress accuses MNF government for failure of COVID-19 management

The Opposition Congress in Mizoram has slammed the Mizo National Front (MNF) government for allegedly failing in COVID-19 management.

According to senior Congress member Zodintluanga Ralte the current MNF government, led by chief minister Zoramthanga, has completely failed to control the surge in COVID-19 cases in the state.

Moreover, he added that the state administration is exploiting the pandemic in order to profit from it at the expense of the people.

He accused the state’s failure to handle the Covid-19 epidemic on health minister Dr. R Lalthangliana and health and family welfare board vice-chairman Dr. ZR Thiamsanga, who is also chairman of the COVID-19 medical operational team. 

He accused the state administration of failing to enhance health facilities and establish an RT-PCR lab other than the one at Zoram Medical College (ZMC) within two years of the outbreak.

He said that the widespread usage of Rapid Antigent Test kits rather than RT-PCR facilities as a tool for Covid-19 diagnosis was one of the key causes of the state’s escalating Covid-19 cases.

However,  he also claims that other Indian governments have already brought the Covid-19 problem under control in their own states by conducting huge sample tests, improving health infrastructure, and increasing manpower.

Congress also demanded the establishment of a Covid-19 authorized hospital in each area and the provision of Covid-19 relief to the poor.

According to R Lalthangliana, the state administration would establish RT-PCR laboratories in all districts that do not have one.

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