Mizoram : Complaint against four MNF Legislators

A complaint was filed by the Youth wing of Mizoram Congress with governor PS Sreedharan Pillai in opposition to three ruling Mizo National Front (MNF) legislators and one independent MLA for holding “office of profit,” said  a Congress leader.

For milking payments from a University and taking benefits as legislators, which is violation of article 102 (1) (a) and 191 (1) (a) of the Indian constitution and a transparent case of “office of profit”, a petition claiming legal action against the three MNF MLAs–F Lalnunmawia, L Thangmawia, Vanlaltanpuia and an independent MLA Vanlalthlana was presented to the governor, said Lalmalsawma Nghaka, Congress youth president.

Lalnunmawia is a professor in the botany department of Mizo University (MZU), while the three other MLAs are regular faculties of Pachhunga University College (PUC) in Aizawl, which is affiliated to MZU, he said.

The University grants civic rights to the teaching staff to compete for assembly or Lok Sabha elections and if they are elected they get allowance of Extra Ordinary Leave (EOL) for a maximum period of 10 years, said Lalmalsawma , stating from the existing regulations of MZU.

No leave was taken by the four legislators while they opted to withdraw timely payment of their salary from the university. They also take benefits of certain services like water bill, electricity bill and telephone bill among others, as legislators, which is a clear case of holding “office of profit”, alleged Lalmalsawma.

Under the state’s flagship programme- Socio-Economic Development Policy (SEDP), three of the four MLAs were appointed as vice-chairmen of the several implementing board and were ranked Minister of State (MoS), which conflicts article 164 (1A) of the constitution, he alleged further.

Article 164 (1A) of the constitution states that the total number of ministers, including the chief minister, in the Council of Ministers in a state should not exceed fifteen per cent of the total number of members of the state legislature, provided that the number of ministers, including the chief minister in a state should not be less than twelve.

Lalmalsawma alleged that the three MLAs have separate offices, office staff with 2 vehicles each, enjoying facilities like Travelling Allowance/Dearness allowance as Minister of State.

Prof. F. Lalnunmawia was elected from the Aizawl South-III assembly constituency, L. Thangmawia from the Lengteng constituency, Vanlaltanpuia from Lunglei North constituency and Vanlalthlana backed by Zoram People’s Movement (ZMP) was elected from Aizawl North-II assembly constituency, in assembly polls that were held in 2018.

Necessary action is sought by the Congress youth wing against the four legislators from the Governor.