Mizoram : Hindi Communicative Language Classes in Aizawl

A Hindi Communicative Language Class was initiated for the students and youths of the Aizawl, Mizoram on Monday by Aizawl Battalion under the aegis of HQ 23 Sector Assam Rifles and HQ Inspector General Assam Rifles (East).

A six weeks hindi communicative language class w.e.f. 01 Feb to 13 Mar 2021has been initiated as part of social welfare drive by AizawlBnof Assam Rifles.

The main motive behind the Hindi Communicative Language Class was to spread knowledge to understand the Hindi language. It aimed to enhance the communicative and interactive skills in Hindi language and help in employment of the Mizo youths outside state. It also focused to teach the cultural and traditional values the language and also to feel the emotions of the Hindi language in cinemas and drama.