Mizoram : Market chains to control vegetable prices

To regulate vegetable rates in the state, C Lalrinsangat, the Mizoram agriculture minister announced that the state government will implement vegetable market chains.
The rates of vegetables were raises to an unreasonable price by the traders they purchase them from farmers, the minister said.
He stated “The government is making all efforts to introduce vegetable market chains to control and curb the exorbitant rates set by traders” .The rules will be reviewed and put into effect soon.
A community of vegetable producers will be made by the state government under the upcoming market chain.
The state government will also divide Aizawl into north and south zones.
The Mizoram State Cooperative Marketing and Consumers’ Federation (MIZOFED) will look after the north zone, and the Mizoram State Agriculture, Horticulture and Marketing Cooperative Federation (MAHFED) will look after the southern zone.
Monitoring of prices will be done and support will be given to vegetable producers by the state government along with the two PSUs.