Mizoram : MNYF starts AMC winter campaign

An AMC campaign titled ‘Sikpui Fehchhuah’ was started by the Mizo National Youth Front Headquarters, Aizawl on Tuesday. Er. Lalrinawma, President, MNYF and Lalruatkima, I&PR Minister and MNF Adviser as well as Lalrinpuii Renthlei, MNF Candidate, Ward No. XIV were present for the campaign kickoff.

President of MNYF, Er. Lalrinawma stated, “AMC was started as an initiative of the MNF government, as such, it seems best for the one who birth it to raise it.”

He said, even though the state government can work with all parties, but it is suitable that the state and AMC are of the same part.

Lalruatkima, MNF Adviser and minister said that being in the opposition is like cooking a dish without oil. The AMC should be elected from the reigning party. AMC is supposed to bring in various developments, he said.

“The Congress party Vice President resigned some time ago, and till today, they have not found a replacement, it looks like they are short of people. Even when they were in power in the state, they could not win the AMC elections, so they are not worthy to win the AMC seats while being the opposition,” he said.

Lalruatkima stated that the ZPM Party has started to dissolve after just two years and have used different symbols in every election. This practice has been their carried on from their leader. They are without a team manager and team captain, he said.