Mizoram : Movement between border stops again

A senior official on Monday said, along the inter-state border, movement of vehicles between Assam and Mizoram halted again amid tension in the areas.

Bhanwar Lal Meena, the Superintendent of Police of the Cachar district in Assam said, the local residents in Lailapur have discontinued the vehicle movement to Mizoram on security reasons.

No movement of vehicles was reported from Mizoram to Assam since Monday night, he said.

“The situation along the inter-state border is under close watch,” the officer said.

The Mizoram official said “We have done all on our part. Our forces have been withdrawn and BSF personnel deployed at the disputed areas. But, Assam is not respecting the mutual decision as only a few vehicles were released till Tuesday”.

The official said, “We don’t know what exactly happened there (Assam)”. 40 vehicles have entered Mizoram since Monday from Assam.

At Vairengte, Saihapui ‘V’ and Thinghlun villages BSF personnel were deployed where the border deadlock happened, he said.

Traffic movement between the two states began on Monday after 12 days of blockade.

During the day, over 150 women staged

A peaceful procession was staged by over 150 women between Phainuam Buarchep and Saihapui ‘V’ village protesting over the “economic blockade” and aggression by Assam.

“We live in our land”, and “We will stand for Mizoram till death”, slogans of the protesters shouted.