Mizoram : Muslim organizations appeals for peace in border

After the death of a 48-year-old resident from Assam, two significant Muslim organizations asked the people to maintain peace along the inter-state border, and not to relate the incident with the current border situation, on Tuesday.

The Mizoram Muslim Welfare Society (MMWD) and Aizawl Mosque Committee (AMC) issued a joint statement regarding the matter.

The statement read, “though the death of Intyaz Ali (Intazul Ali Laskar), who died on Monday in a hospital in Vairengte, might rise doubts because of the present situation, it is clear that the demise of the Lailapur resident has no connection with the border dispute and blockade on the NH-306 as he was reportedly arrested in a drugs-related case”.

The economic blockade is not a remedy for the border disruption, especially when people are suffering from Covid-19, the statement read.

The statement also said, “The MMWS and AMC request the authorities of Cachar district, Assam government and the local people of Lailapur to lift the blockade immediately and allow all the Mizoram bound vehicles carrying essential commodities to enter the state immediately,”.

“People must understand that there is loss for both side whenever a problem like this arises. Further exaggeration in the border will lead to more complications.

“Peace and safety of the people on both sides must be the paramount importance of each and everyone, including the administrations,” the statement said.