Mizoram : Shortage of ventilation facilities for COVID-19

The state could face a shortage of medical facilities if the number of symptomatic patients needing ventilation increases, said Mizoram Health Minister R Lalthangliana on Tuesday.
He said at least four patients are under ventilation at the Intensive Care Unit in Zoram Medical College (ZMC), the state’s only dedicated COVID-19 hospital.
Considering the recent spike in corona virus cases as an indication of community spread, the minister said the state government has already announced a ‘No Tolerance Fortnight’ in Mizoram from Monday and lockdown in Aizawl from Tuesday.
The no-tolerance drive will be observed till November 9 while the lockdown in Aizawl municipal area till November 3.
Lalthangliana said at least 485 people were diagnosed with COVID-19 in the state since October 1 and 166 of them were symptomatic.
He said the state government has set up 14 dedicated COVID-19 health centres in all the districts to treat patients who develop mild and moderate symptoms and to keep under observation people, who are suspected, of having the virus.