M’laya Police apprehend suspects in attack on Chief Minister’s meeting

A significant breakthrough has been achieved in the ongoing investigation into the attack on the chief minister’s meeting with ACHIK leaders at the Commissioner of Divisions office in Dakopgre, Tura, which occurred on July 24. As of now, 18 individuals are in police custody, including two BJP Mahila Morcha women, while two Trinamool leaders who allegedly incited the crowds are currently on the run.

Late Monday night, the police successfully apprehended the two BJP Mahila Morcha leaders involved in the incident. The suspects, identified as Belina M Marak and Dilche Ch Marak, were reportedly instigating the mob, which led to the violent attack. Prompt police action resulted in their capture while they were attempting to escape. In addition to the BJP Mahila Morcha leaders, the investigation has also identified two Trinamool Congress leaders who played a role in encouraging the mob’s aggression. However, as of now, they remain at large and are being pursued by law enforcement authorities.

One of the key figures behind the incident has been identified as Salseng R Marak. Video footage and eyewitness accounts at the site of the attack helped establish his involvement in inciting the violence. Hailing from Selsella, he had previously contested the MDC elections of the GHADC without success, reportedly running on a UDP ticket from the Siju-Baghmara area of South Garo Hills.

Salseng R Marak had applied for a Congress ticket to contest from Selsella in this year’s assembly elections. However, the Congress party rejected his candidature and instead offered the ticket to the nephew of the late former minister, Clement Marak. Following the rejection, Salseng R Marak allegedly joined the Trinamool Congress, signaling a significant political shift in his affiliations.

Apart from his political activities, the accused Salseng R Marak is also under the radar of wildlife authorities due to his alleged involvement in the illegal trade of endangered monitor lizards. Authorities suspect that he is part of a cross-border smuggling racket with connections to Bangladesh.