Nagaland : NEIDA to revitalize water springs

The North East Initiative Development Agency (NEIDA), has decided to restore the drying water springs as people of the state depends mostly upon them for their daily water needs.

In a press release by the NEIDA it was stated that, a total of 36 spring shed recharge activities have been completed under phase 1 which comprises of digging of trenches and recharge ponds, construction of gabion structures and plantation activities along with regular rainfall and spring discharge data collection.

One of the key objectives of the partners under the multi-stakeholder initiative

The main motive of the multi-stakeholder initiate is to develop a spring rejuvenation model that can be scaled up across the state. Spring shed recharge activities have been initiated in phase two villages with an aims to revive 100 springs in 11 districts across the State.

Plantations and constructing such structures

To reduce the rainwater runoff plantations and structures are constructed so that groundwater can be recharged and increase soil moisture content. Soil erosion is also expected to be controlled by this. So far, an approximation of 50 hectares has been treated. Along with the participating village communities and Rural Development Department officials, a team was led by para-hydrogeologist from the Land Resources Department to carry out hydro-geological surveys in 100 villages so that the area where rainwater percolates to recharge the spring aquifers could be identified.