RN Ravi on Naga peace talks; “unrealistic intransigence” to forsake the “politics of gun”

RN Ravi the governor of Nagaland and interlocutor for Naga peace talks critically remarked the NSCN for its “unrealistic intransigence” to forsake the “politics of gun.”

In spite of Central government making several timely political initiatives, the talks “could not fructify as yet due to unrealistic intransigence of some people who are unwilling to forsake the politics by gun”.

The People of Nagaland are unable to profit from the different progressive schemes of the Central and State Government, the governor said.

According to him, this is because of “some extra-constitutional entities” that are taking place in the “guise of espousing the Naga national cause” which queered the pitch for the people and the Government and have kept the “peace and progress at bay”.

The governor said that the threat of rampant extortions under the guise of illegal taxation continues to occur.

Even though the state police and security forces have taken against anti-social elements, yet illegal taxations by the elements are still undergoing.

The rampant extortion has created fear among businesses—small and large and has hindered the entrepreneurship. This has made the economy and growth less powerful, said the governor.

He claimed that the state government is putting its efforts to control the danger of extortion and illegal taxation.