RPF team arrests one person in theft case; seizes cannabis from two women

The Railway Protection Force (RPF) of NFR arrested a thief on charges of stealing the bag of one passenger from the platform of Kamakhya Railway Station on April 5. Moreover, the team seized cannabis weighing about 1 kg worth about Rs 98,000 from train No. 03176 DN Kanchanjunga Express at Guwahati Railway Station.

The RPF team received the complaint of theft of the bag of a passenger from platform No. 4 of Kamakhya Railway Station on April 5, 2021. The RPF team reviewed CCTV footage and identified the suspected person.

The RPF team along with the owner of the bag immediately searched for the thief and nabbed the thief from outside the station moving towards the sick/pit line. The person was brought to RPF/Post/Kamakhya.

On being interrogated, the person confessed of stealing the bag and disclosed that he had thrown away that bag after shifting all the materials to another bag which was found from his possession. Later, the empty bag was also recovered from the Boripara area near Kamakhya Railway Station. The owner identified his bag and belongings. Further, the arrested person (along with the recovered articles) was handed over to GRP/Kamakhya for taking further legal action.

In another incident, the RPF team and on duty GRP staff of Guwahati conducted a joint drive against carrying of contraband articles in train No 03176 DN Kanchanjunga Express on arrival at Guwahati Railway Station on April 5, 2021. During checking, the team detected two ladies in suspicious manner in a coach of the train with three bags. On checking, some packets of cannabis were found inside the bags. As such, both the women with three bags were detained from the coach and 10 packets of cannabis weighing a total 14 kg worth about Rs 98,000 were seized.