China raises military activity in Central Sikkim

China has taken on a huge military infrastructure upgrade in the central Sikkim and eastern sectors admit standoff at the Line of Actual Control (LAC) in Eastern Ladakh.

China has been broadening its area to air missile sites, with expansion of airbases in Tibet and an rise in unmanned aerial vehicles. The People’s Liberation Army’s engagement in road development at Churup village has been brought under notice.

PLA observation at Bum La has been raised and redeployment of troops have been made at Yebi. Around 27 kilometers away from the LAC and north of Sebu La in Sikkim, Surveillance towers at being placed.

The standoff does not seems to go down anytime sooner regarding the way in which Chinese PLA is bringing in reinforcements. There has been no significant change in China’s position at the LAC in eastern Ladakh. A discussion between both the military commanders will be held soon.

The Chinese PLA has taken up road development for quicker deployment on the LAC, which has been noticed from the Indian side. This is being done to focus on the DBO sector as well as the Depsang Bulge area.

Containers accommodating six PLA soldiers each are also present apart from new hospital provisions in the depth areas. Soldiers suffering from altitude sickness will get help from these facilities.

Heated shelters, arctic tents and bunkers are being built by the Indian Army at a speedy level on the other hand. Specialized winter clothing, gear and other important supplies are also being brought for the over 50,000 troops deployed along the Line of Actual Control as temperatures have already dropped to minus 20 degree Celsius.

The Indian Army has been making arrangements for this situation beforehand, said the Officials.