Sikkim : District Admin invites SPYF members over transportation policies

To discuss over the ongoing protests demanding a review of transportation policies, the State District Administration on Thursday invited the Sikkim Progressive Youth Forum (SPYF) and members of various driver associations.
A counter-protest was held b the driver associations today against SPYF at the same spot leading to tense moments.
They said that the demands which were made by SPYF are unreasonable given the COVID-19 situation.
One driver said, “We are following government norms, the SPYF cannot come with such demands that may affect our livelihood,”.
Any direct talks with the representatives of drivers were rejected by the members of SPYF. Later they accepted the invitation given by the district administration for discussion between the two warring sides.

The passenger fares got incremented after the Government’s guidelines for carrying fewer passengers in taxis; therefore the SPYF has asked the government to remove the guidelines which have hampered the budget of regular traveller.

On the other hand, the protesting drivers support the guidelines given by the Government.