Sikkim schools to feature 11 vernaculars in curriculum from next academic year


Sikkim schools to be introduced with 11 vernaculars from the next academic year.

The schools in the State were asked to introduce 11 vernaculars in their curriculum from the next academic session by PS Tamang-led SKM Government in Sikkim.

Students will need to select one as their second language as informed by Sikkim Education Department.

At present 4 vernaculars – Bhutia, Nepali, Lepcha and Limbu, are featured in the curriculum and seven more are to be added.

The 7 new vernaculars will be – Tamang, Gurung, Mangar, Sherpa, Mukhia, Rai and Newar.

“Private schools will have to ensure that all 11 languages are made a part of the curriculum,” the State Education Department stated.

“This is for the information to all concerned that the State Government has adopted the three-language formula in the following manner to be implemented in all schools within the state. The second language will be any one of the State Government recognized 11 languages and Hindi will be the third language,” stated the notification issued by the Sikkim Education Department.