Mizoram : Govt revokes prohibitory order near Tripura border

Prohibitory order imposed in Phuldungsei Zampui and Zomuantlang villages near its border with Tripura gets revoked by Mizoram Government after an indigenous organization from the neighboring state called off the proposed construction of a temple in the area, officials said.
The Tripura government had also asked Mizoram to revoke it, claiming that the disputed areas are in the North Tripura district, officials of the two states said.
The Mizoram government said that the prohibitory order issued under section 144 of the CrPC on October 16 stands revoked with immediate effect as the proposed construction of a Shiv temple at Thaidawr Tlang has been called off by ‘Songrongma’, an organisation of Tripura.
On Friday, Mizoram Mamit district Deputy Commissioner Lalrozama issued the prohibitory order, restricting assembly of five or more people in the village and surrounding areas of Phuldungsei Zampui and Zomuantlang to prevent any untoward incident.
The order had said that ‘Songrongma’ was “intending” to construct the temple at Thaidawn Tlang, which is located within the Mamit district, on October 19 and 20.
Any activity on the inter-state border is likely to disrupt or adversely affect peace and tranquillity in the region, the order had said.
In a letter written to Mizoram Deputy Secretary of home David H Lalthangliana on Saturday, Tripura government’s additional secretary AK Bhattacharya said the prohibitory order was “erroneous” and “highly objectionable”.
It said that Mizoram’s Mamit district administration had erroneously mentioned Betlingchhip, also known as Thaidawr Tlang, which is currently in the Tripura government’s jurisdiction.
Bhattacharya urged the Mamit district administration to rectify and immediately withdraw the prohibitory order.
He further said that the Tripura government has constructed a watchtower at the peak of Betlingchhip and the Mamit district administration in the order has erroneously included Phuldungsei para/village under Sabual VC of Jampui Hills RD Block in Kanchanpur sub-division of the North Tripura district.