Requirement for Railway Division at Dharmanagar

A meeting to club together support for a railway division at Dharmanagar across North Tripura was decided by the Dharmanagar Railway Division Demand Committee.
To benefit the people of Tripura the meeting was held to talk about the establishment of a separate railway division at Dharmanagar.
Leaders of the demand committee said that it would benefit large number of people of Tripura if the division is set up at Dharmanagar.
The committee leaders said, “From the geographical point of view and availability of land, Dharmanagar is a suitable place for setting up a Railway Division”.
By the development of the division, it would generate employment for the youths of North Tripura and Unakoti district and for entire Tripura.
The committee members said, following the setup of the Railway Division at Dharmanagar, it would attract railway hospital, central school and many other things within the area which will aid in the betterment of the whole district.
Leaders of the Dharmanagar Railway Division Demand Committee said, “The ruling BJP in its 2013 election manifesto promised to set up a Railway Division at Dharmanagar. However, the party has failed to keep their words even after coming to power.”
They added, “We have decided to conduct meetings across North Tripura to gather support for setting up railway division at Dharmanagar”.