Sikkim : Transport strike hits normal life

The normal life was affected by a sudden transport strike in the state capital, Agartala.

The owners of vehicles and workers engaged in different transportation services started a strike on Monday morning in Agartala.

The vehicle owners and employees have launched the strike in protest against police atrocities and demanding hikes in fares of all vehicles used in transportation.

During the period of lockdown, several people engaged in transportation services lost their jobs and the vehicle owners faced major economic losses.

The vehicle owners said, although the government has announced unlock measures and allowed the vehicles including buses to run it have asked to maintain social distancing norms in carrying passengers.

The vehicle owners said they are now carrying 50% of passengers.

They have alleged that If some drivers carry 2/3 extra passengers, they are fined by the police and the fine amount is too high.

So the vehicle owners and drivers have demanded that the fares of the vehicles including buses be hiked by the state government.

The vehicle owners and drivers have questioned how they would survive if their income remains less than half of the income which they were earning before lockdown.

The bus owners, drivers and co-drivers of buses who run their vehicles on the Udaipur-Agartala have suspended movement of all buses in protest against harassment by the police and demanding fare hike on Sunday.

From Monday, other transport workers also joined them and suspended the movement of vehicles on other routes.

Due to the strike, most of the officer-goers, school teachers and students could not reach their destinations on Monday.