Tripura: Ambassa locals threatens unrest over relocation of Bru refugees in Harinchara

Locals in Ambassa, Tripura’s Dhalai district, have expressed opposition to the government’s intentions to relocate displaced Bru refugees to Harinchara. Locals claim that the Tripura government authorised the Bru refugees’ settlement in Harinchara near Ambassa “without consulting” them.

Locals claim that establishing a Bru refugee camp in Harinchara would have a negative impact on local jhum agriculture. Locals have informed the district administration of their concerns, threatening to stage a protest if the new decision is not reversed.

Locals in Tripura’s Dhalai district also stopped the Ambassa-Gandacherra route for many hours, asking that the order to build up the Bru camp be revoked. The demonstrators argued that allowing the displaced Brus to settle in Harinchara would have a negative impact on their everyday life and livelihood.