Tripura : Archaeological Regional Office demand for state

The Central Ministry is insisted for another Archaeological regional office for Tripura by the State Government.
Of the 10 Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) monuments of the North-Eastern region, eight are located in Tripura, therefore the Tourism Department have said that to gather more profits a separate regional office would be of great help.
Tripura being the central hub of attraction of all the heritage sites and ASI controlled places so the development process needs to be done in here Unakoti as requested to the Central Government.
In a virtual meeting Tourism Minister, Pranajit Singha Roy brought the issue before Union Minister of State Tourism Prahlad Singh Patel saying ASI should take action developing Unakoti as soon as possible.
The necessary steps have been taken to develop tourism in Tripura by the state government, said Roy, but the work development of Unakoti was controlled by ASI and they continuously approached the ASI for the development process.
Government land have been allotted for private entities for construction of star category hotel in Kailashahar for being the tourist hotspot of the state.