Tripura: Damage of newspapers in Udaipur

On Tuesday morning, all copies of a Bengali daily, ‘Pratibadi Kalam’ were destroyed in Udaipur, Tripura.
Miscreants destroyed about 600 copies and threw them on the street when the vehicle carrying the copies of the newspaper, reached Udaipur Rajarbag motor stand.
A complaint was lodged by the owner and editor of the newspaper, Anal Roy Chowdhury with the Radha Kishorepur Police Station.
The incident was performed by a group of 30-40 people which was led by Bharatiya Mazdoor Sangh leader, Raju Majumder.
Anal Roy Chowdhury said, “The whole incident is very unfortunate. I appeal to the media fraternity to come forward against the incident.”
He said reports on corruption involving Rs 150 crores in the State Agriculture Department were being published in the ‘Pratibadi Kalam’ since past three days. The Agriculture Minister and director were involved in corruption.
Rallies against the newspaper were conducted since the first news was published at various places in the Gomati district by BJP mandal.
Moreover, 24 journalists have been attacked in the past 30 months as claimed by the Assembly of Journalists, the largest platform for media workers in Tripura.
Statements made by the Chief Minister against the media was also protested by the Assembly of Journalists, in September.