Tripura: TPCC to build resistance against BJPs sponsored distruption

TPCC to build resistance against BJPs sponsored distruption

President of the Tripura Pradesh Congress Committee, Birajit Sinha, said on Monday that if the police do not act quickly and effectively, his party will mount a strong resistance to the BJP workers’ hooliganism.

“From the last couple weeks, Congress workers from different parts of the state are facing attacks. Several houses had been attacked and private property was ransacked. But, in all such incidents the role of the police is under scanner”, said Sinha.

Moreover, Sinha said, referring to the violent BJP-Congress face-off that was later dragged onto the Congress Bhavan premises,  “Even the Congress Bhavan located in the heart of the city is not immune to the attacks. It is a matter of grave concern. We have statues of former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi and Rajiv Gandhi installed here. Any attacks on these statues are shameful”.

Sinha urged the administration to act quickly to address the problem.“Ever since the poll results for five states were out, unruly BJP activists have triggered unrest in the state. Congress minority department president Jaidul Hossain became the fresh victim of the violence. His house was ransacked and vehicles vandalized. Despite complaints, the culprits are still roaming free in the open”, Sinha claims.

Meanwhile, Congress has called an extended PCC meeting for resistance on March 22nd, according to Sinha. “We shall discuss our future actions in the meeting. We are planning to stage a Dharna in front of the Police Headquarters and the dates would be revealed soon”, said Sinha.

Sinha said when asked about TIPRA motha’s mass gathering, “the large crowd gathered at Swami Vivekananda Stadium was indicative of the party’s political strength. According to our analysis, the rally was bigger when compared to the rally of Union Home Minister Amit Shah.”

On the topic of “Greater Tipraland”, he said, “we neither oppose his demand nor do we agree with all his points. And, regarding political understanding, things will be made public at the right time”.

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