12 rappers together ,northeast is in a zeal for the beginning 2021

For the first time in history, 12 Northeastern rappers have come under one umbrella to release an addictive rap number titled Northeast Cypher 2020. 

The brainchild of rapper KABIR, hip-hop artist from Shillong, and producer Spider, the song brings in contrasting raps and word-plays from different parts of the eight northeastern states in just one beat. The addictive beats and variance in voice and rap style are a must watch

The artists for this song include Moksh and Kabir from Meghalaya, K4 Kekho from Arunachal Pradesh, UNB from Sikkim, Borkung Hrangkhawl and Freakyy from Tripura, Moko Koza from Nagaland, Yelhomie and Young Dirrt from Manipur, Sikdar from Assam, as well as AP and Jelo from Mizoram.

K4 Kekho said, “When I started, not much Hip Hop (Rap) content was there to talk about or be excited about. But in recent years, a lot of rappers have come up, including me. Suddenly, the whole Northeast is flooded with Hip Hop music videos and a huge number of Cypher videos, local and state level.”

sikdar is of the view that the Northeast is one of the first regions to spread the love of hip hop and these artists are only helping revive the lost culture.

“As you can see, the current generation of Hip Hop is much attached to materialistic things. But people forget that Hip Hop is a culture, not a trend or fashion. So, we all are trying to bring back the culture.”

“The NE cypher as a whole is lit as hell! It’s definitely a huge step taken by the NE hip hop scene,” said Jelo, adding, “I promise ya’ll that we will be back even better. The song is Epic as hell.” 

According to Moko Koza, hip-hop is in good hands in the Northeast and “It’s here to stay.” He added, “Cypher brings out the best in a rapper and the cypher culture here in the Northeast is bringing a healthy competition among fellow rappers and also helping connect with each other from different parts of the state.”

The song has garnered over 29k views in just 20 hours and the intermixing of heavy voice, amazing wordplay, metaphors, and bar delivery from different artist styles is surely one of a kind.

All of Northeast India is witnessing an emerging rise in the Hip-Hop culture with artists like Borkung Hrangkhawl, Moksh, UNB, K4 Kekho taking the centre stage, and cyphers being hosted in various cities. However, to say that this is a new culture would be wrong as late Michael M Sailo, Khasi Bloodz, 97 rhymes, Borkung Hrangkhawl etc. have collectively acquired global recognition for the region and paved the way for generations to come.

Article source : eastmojo