Ditch exertion | Freeborn backpacker, do not despair !

Hello! I can imagine, how easy it is to convince the backpackers, I know u still haven’t found a cure for your travel bug!

Just don’t stop learning about different cultures and backpacking in offbeat destinations. How much would we give to laze around on a beach, go hike a peak, explore a city that we had always wanted to. But with the world in a lockdown, all summer holiday plans are scrapped! But why stop our wanderlust minds because of that damn virus?Yeah, you must be thinking about the Lockdown but we can still open our wings of travelling and go around places in our area.You know what, we are so astonish by other countries that we forget that we are in nirvana. I know all of you may have different opinions about travelling.Like some of you may like to move different places, & for some adventures are the only best part about travelling, even I have a different opinion, for me the best part is meeting people and share the experiences.

Travelling is really like meditation, do whatever that relaxes or inspires you, travelling it gives peace and worthwhile experience whether it is good or bad. It’s like a tranquilizer for you provided, you don’t have to gulp it down, all you need to do is make an honest plan and follow it.

Sometimes exploring is not fun if you don’t go out of your comfort zone, do things that you are always afraid of. And somewhere down the line it feels more sane to try them.

Let’s end up travelling just to observe various types of cultures that we are surrounded with, in northeast India itself.

In closing, the pandemic is not forever. “Do not despair, be optimistic as you were before. “ – Monalisha Gogoi.