Endeavour the Best liquors: Each Tribe have their own recipe.

Monalisa Gogoi-

In Northeast you will see some tremendous hardworking people, they weave their own cloths, harvest crops, that makes them quite self-dependent.

Each tribes have their own means of entertainment as well. Local rice beer preparations are among the most common ways of relaxing among the tribes here.

1. Apong – Assam

Apong is a rice beer, which is traditionally prepared by the Mishing Tribe of Northeast India. Apong is the integral part of people’s life in Assam. It is brewed in every household.

2. Chuwarak – Tripura

Versatile Tripuri whiskey

The land of fourteen Gods is proud of being the producer of this intoxicant through an elaborate process. It’s versatile nature allows for a variety of raw materials to be used like rice, pineapple or even jackfruit.

3.Judima – Assam

The rice wine which can ward off evil
The Dimasa people of Assam administration. Some of this wine is fed to newborns to protect them against evil.
 4. kiad – Meghalaya

Introduced as a medicinal remedy to the Pnar people of Meghalaya in the 1880s.Think about it. You are walking in the roads of shillong and spot a jadoh stall. You stop for a drink and taste Kiad. Though the diluted versions are not that strong, a 70% concentrated Kiad is often sold.
5. Zutho – Nagaland

A Naga concoction which boasts of a taste like the Japanese sake Only the Angami Nagas knows about the procedure of this rice wine. It is different from the other rice wine because of the usage of sprouted rice grains.
6. Xaj – Assam

The rice beer in which Ahoms are fabled to dip newborns for good luck. Like all rice beers of the Northeast, the beer of the Ahoms is made by fermenting rice with herbs. It is always served in traditional copper vessels.

Love potion of the Mizos
After the prohibition on sale of alcohol was lifted (Partially), this grape wine hit Tripura with a thunder.
8.Kodo ko jaanr- Sikkim

Hot Sikkimese Beer . Finger- millet is used to make this brew. Boiling water is added to Kodo Ko Jaanr in a tumbler and then consumed.
9.Sekmai Yu- Manipur
Sip on this local Manipuri ether while walking around Loktak Lake.Manipuri sengmai people make this rice wine through an arduous procedure.

Limoo priests consume this concoction before participating in the process of possession of souls.This Sikkimese Liquor plays a very important part in marriages. After receiving the eloped couple, the boy’s family goes to seek permission of Marriage from the girl’s family with Raksi.