Did you hear these heart touching lyrics from Prateek kuhad’s songs?

Prateek Kuhad has taken the Indian music scene by storm and is justifiably the man of the moment. Born in Jaipur, the singer-songwriter has gained international fame since the release of his debut album in 2015, titled Tokens and Charms. Known for having a simplistic yet soul-stirring style, Prateek’s contribution to the indie music landscape has been refreshing to many that have been overdosing on the electronic sounds that currently dominate the market.

After a successful launch, Prateek’s next EP ‘cold/mess’ only increased his recall value and gave us more tunes that are power-packed with love and romance. Today, here’s a look at some of his finest lyrics penned – so high on the relatability factor, we hit repeat like never before…

1. “Tere hawale hai zindagi meri, tere ujaale se sab rahein hai yahan. Apne naseeb ka main badshah nahi, tu meri shaam hai, tu hi meri subah. Tune kahan, maine sun liya…”


2. “I wish I could leave you, my love… but my heart is a mess. My days, they begin with your name and nights end with your breath.”


3. “Can you see how I refrain from letting you in again? Can you see how I feel? I’m not whole, I’m not clean.”


4. “Kho jaane ki zid na karo; khwahish hai ye dil ki. Raahon ko nazar mein rakho, main bhi toh laut aaunga… hawaon sa gungunaunga.”


5. “Yeh khwahishon ki raat hai, tera guroor maaf hai. Chand ko bhi naaz hai, tu kaun hai yeh raaz hai…”


6. “Soh gayi hai yeh saansein sabhi, adhoori si hai kahaani meri. Phisal jaaye toh bhi toh darr na koyi, ruk jaane ki zaroorat nahi.”


7. “We grew with the town, we laughed and we frowned. Our eyes withdrew but our hearts were bold and free.”


8. “I did pause, I did stay. I did fall, I did care… And so I beg you for your time and you hold my silence in your truth.”


9. “Iss dil ki aadat yahi hai, gir kar sambhalta nahi hai… zaalim samajhta nahi hai ye koi zubaan… yeh dil beparwah.”


10.Haan main gumsum hoon, in rahon ki tarah, tere khwabon mein, teri khwahishon mein chupa. Na jaane kyun hai roz ka silsila…”


Lead Image credit:  via Hindustan Times