How To Limit kid Tech Use

Monalisa Gogoi-


Great Readers make great writers or else great writer makes great communicators & great communicators make great persuader, do you know what great persuader makes? They makes good society and that’s what the real need. I think its totally crazy that nowadays everybody talks about Netflix, TV shows, Instagram, and they could go on. However not reading can even result in brain less active or engage. So all of you the sceptical minds out there should read because when you have a good book to keep you company there is nothing better in the universe, you can go to a world where you always wanted to go, and meet people that you can’t meet, reading is love in action.
The positives are endless like if your child haven’t practiced for spelling test or anything that’s ok , because the habit of reading makes your vocabulary so strong that it can impress any grown up so easily.
Parents as well as children should read, it will help you to communicate, dictate & persuade. we as a young generation should hold up to reading it’s the key to our kingdom, so go for books and see the recommendations and make yourself lost.

A parent’s use of tech can make things worse.

Sometimes it turns out the parents generally use their phones a lot more In front of their children. Do you think you are working and your kid will understand? of course not, they watch you using phones different appliications which may be harmfull for them.

One of the best thing you can do for your child to put your phone down whenever you can, make your dinner table completely Tech-free zone. We have to demonstrate by example how something else can be interesting too, like a story book, a comic which make them laugh, or why not you open a book infront of them and make a habit of reading. By reading stories to your child will make your bonding more strong.