I Would Be Disgusted With The Women That I Saw In The Mirror.

Monalisa Gogoi-

do you know you are popping over my bra? But that’s alright i’m gonna choose to love you, because more than having a fat body you are bold, you are brilliant and you are beautiful. Oh my back, why don’t you fit anywhere? hmm, that’s fine I’m gonna keep you, take over my whole bottom half, but you are still a part of me and i find you attractive.

So now that I’ve got your attention, let’s talk about the narrow society which defines only perfection, and that’s absolutely ok, you should love every inch of you. there isn’t a perfect body because somewhere someone may like you posses wonderfully a very unique and diverse physic. So why to let your bra straps decide the amount of food you want to eat. A particular body have a particular variation. yes, you may diet, you may try to fit in the trend but still you will be unhappy, do you know why? because you haven’t accepted yourself earlier, you disgusted yourself just for a temporary fixation. what you need to do is to realize that you have rolls and you look beautiful, that’s how you reclaim your body and image as your own .

Your confidence has been manipulated and controlled by others, I know you won’t necessarily understand it because it’s baseless, at this point you have to learn, how to reclaim your body as your own and by recreating your body you would understand that you have a greater purpose to redefine the beauty the feminine beauty, be vocal about the isolation term of plus size.

From now we are calling ourselves what we wanna be called (A Women), with shapes that are our own, ( I believe Beauty is beyond size).