In conversation with renowned band from Guwahati ,Assam “BLUE WINGS

Blue Wings, a Vernacular Rock renowned band based from Guwahati, Assam. Formed in 2011, with NABAJIT (VOCALIST) and DANIEL(DRUMMER). Blue Wings can provide insight into the performer’s creative process like Miracle.Recently on an interview we had a moment with the band to ask them about their Journey. Through the pandemic and midst of lockdown, we didnt miss to ask them about their new album and also how they have dealt with the tough days.

1.How do you come up with your band name? Is there any untold tale behind it?

Nj(NABAJIT)- Me and Daniel came together in the fall of 2008 or maybe 2009 and decided to put up a music project that was versatile enough to cross over the genre. So we started this band and when it came time for naming the band, we all thought a lot and suddenly the name BLUE WINGS hits us and we felt so right that the name stuck.

2.The feasibility behind every composition, how collective is the efforts?

Daniel– when it comes to our original music, we plan it and Most of the time NJ writes the basic structure of the song and hands it over to me. I write the music and the rest of the members sit for the final output.

3.What did you have contributed to your music genre?

Nj- Well, we started out in the scene, there were not many bands, irrespective of the language barriers. We were probably the only band those days, who were singing songs in multiple languages (and having an official Album in 2013) and also maintaining that heavy rock edge.
Daniel- I agree with him. At that time, the scene was very different. Now we can see most of the bands have just started what we have done years back. Actually, it’s a positive way to keep rock music stay alive- in the form of Assamese rock, Hindi rock, Nepali rock, etc.

4.What is the milestone of the band, any significant achievements the band is proud of?

Nj– In our time, There were dozens of awards that the band members won in different colleges fest and competitions which include- Best Drummer (6), Best Guitarist (3), Best Bassist (3), Best Vocalist (2).
Daniel– And as a band, our most significant achievement is that We recently performed in an international platform in Singapore. Apart from that, there are multiple headlining and co-headlining show that we did over the years in different parts of North East India.

6.After being known as the complete band, how was the response following, was there any complex situation that you experienced on the run?

Daniel– yes, we have faced a lot of things when we all started. I was playing drums for more than 18 years now. I joined NJ to form Bluewings but i was already into some major music project at that time. We didn’t know how this band will get the response, nor did we ever thought that Bluewings will be counted among those bands with the highest amount of show every month. It’s been a roller coaster ride all these years and we had put out blood sweat and tears to build this band from tiny scratch.

7.What do you enjoy about being a musician? What do you hate the most?

Nj– Honestly, the best part is the aura of energy that we get from the crowd every single night. It’s a bizarre phenomenon but in a good way.
Daniel- Just like he said, it’s the people and the lights and the sound, the smoke can go on and on.. (laughs) … my most hated part is when the payment gets delayed after delivering so much energy on stage.

8.According to your perspective, is there anything queer you find that needs major limelight in the current music scene?

Daniel- Yes, the Band in our scene should work on making the fan base strong. A lot of bands lack the promotional and business side of music.
Bikas – And also people should re-think about the payment structures of Artists.

9.Who are your biggest musical influences?

Nj– Thirty Seconds to Mars, Chi’s cornel, Myles Kennedy, Joi Boruah and M-Sonic
Daniel- I was mostly influenced by bands like Iron maiden, Megadeth, Whitesnake, Bon Jovi, etc
Taibu- John Petrucci, Steve Vai, Joi Satriani, and John Mayer
Bikas- I was mostly and greatly influenced by the Heavy metal bands and Prog rock bands like Opeth, Porcupine tree, etc
Jayanta- Bands like Dream Theatre, Bon Jovi, Coldplay, etc have always been my source of influences.

10.Have you made yourself available to dig up with something new on this pandemic?

Nj– Yes, We have started editing the videos of two of our pre-released songs “Armaano ki Udaan” and “Yeh Dhuwa”. Both the videos were already shot long ago but we couldn’t find time to sit in the editing sessions.
Daniel- We also have started working on a prog Assamese rock song “Aji ase roi” . This will be our biggest project till today  and we have some big plans for this one.

11. On the final note, Any words of inspiration you would like to give to any new band?

Daniel – Stay focused and don’t break up. Find members who are like-minded and humble. Speaking from my experience, Too much ego and politics in a band will destroy it and the band will become just a name with hired members but without a real soul and will go nowhere.
Nj– And most importantly, learn to rise from the ashes. In my early years, people had broken me up with bitter criticism, considered me an underdog, I was laughed upon, I was about to give up so many times. So many times I failed and fall, but all you have to do is get back up again… No matter how hard and painful it is, forget what the people say, just get back up and come back for more and Practice harder. stay dedicated.