Know earlier if your partners wants to breakup with you.

These signs to know that your partner wants to break up with you.

Over a period of time, all relationships go through their share of ups and downs. No relationship is ever on a straight trajectory. But there are times when the upheavals leave behind irreparable damages. Honestly, if you try to notice, you can see signs that your partner is trying to end things between the two of you. Noticing these signs on time can give you time to save your relationship.

They’re seeking out other people

You and your partner must have been the kind of couple who never step out without each other and always love to include one another in all plans. But lately, your partner has been going out on their own with friends much more than usual. They might be reaching out to people to talk and try to decide if a break is a right thing for them to do. They might be looking for advice if they’re thinking of breaking up with you.

They’ve become moody

This is the first sign that you can easily pick on. If you’ve known your partner well, you will know when they are moody and why. But if they’ve started to become moody around you without you really understanding the reason, it could hint at something serious playing on their mind. It makes you feel like you have no control over their moods now and you just can’t do anything right in their eyes.

They’re unavailable

This one is quite a no-brainer. You can somehow sense when your partner is ignoring you. There’s normally a reason why they’re doing that to you. But if you’ve been feeling that they’re constantly unavailable for you lately, they might be up to something bigger. Your partner won’t text you back or return your calls. If they’re unavailable and seem distant when you’re around, something in their mind has shifted and they don’t want you to know about it yet.

They’re accusing you of being uninterested

If your partner wants to break up with you somehow, they will start acting blunt and rude with you. They’ll behave this way so that you break up with them and they can accuse you of not taking care of the relationship.

They’ve stopped making future plans

This is one of the biggest signs that you can pick on. If your partner eventually stops talking about the future as they used to before, you need to ask them what’s going on. There might be no talks about marriage, future goals, babies, career, anything at all. This isn’t a good sign for your relationship and they’re thinking of an out