Little Things You Should Do To Get The Most Out Of The fullest

‘Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass…’ as someone wisely put it. It’s all about figuring out how to dance in the rain.’ Monsoon days don’t have to be dreary days spent indoors drinking tea. The months of the Monsoons are commonly thought to be gloomy and dismal, however, this is a fallacy. Monsoons may be a lot of fun outside, and you can do a lot of different things when it’s raining. It’s impossible to cook an omelet without breaking a few eggs, so go outside and get a little wet.

1) Trekking

In the monsoons, the lush green landscapes and clouds caressing the mountains are best seen on foot. In the Himalayas and the Western Ghats, there are several hiking trails. The majority of the hike routes are best appreciated during the monsoon season when the rain adds a touch of treble to the natural symphony.

2) Photography

During the Monsoons, the heavy clouds tower over the sky, shielding the surface from the sun’s beams. Whether you’re a veteran or a novice behind the camera, the images you create will be breathtaking.

3) Bhuttas

Enjoying fresh cobs of fire-roasted Bhutta during the rains is a different degree of enjoyment than having street food during the months of Monsoon. Bhuttas, which are glazed with rock salt and lime, is the ideal partner for a cup of tea in the rain.

4) Watch the rainbow in clear skies

Rainbows have long been regarded as one of nature’s most beautiful and mysterious phenomena. They enthrall both youngsters and adults. Rainbows bring life to the usually drab and blue Monsoon sky, mesmerizing and hypnotizing everyone who sees them. When viewed from a scenic location, the splendor of a rainbow is amplified. Rainbow hunting is a fun experience that may also be a great date.

5) Playing In Water Puddles

Splashing the water gathered in the puddles will undoubtedly bring back memories. Relive childhood memories with water between your toes and feel the splashes of rainwater without bothering about passers-looks; by’s they may recollect their own youth and join you. Drop your shoes and dive into the puddle closest to you.

6) Gardening

Rain softens the ground and provides an abundance of nutrients necessary for plant development in one’s garden. The monsoons are the greatest time for saplings to bloom, but weeds and poisonous plants that need to be eradicated also thrive during this time. There’s nothing like grooming gardens in the monsoons if you enjoy getting your hands dirty.

7) Bike Rides

Biker spirits are unafraid of the rain gods. All that is required are a few precautionary measures, such as testing the grip on the wheels, the brakes’ operation, and the engine oil level; once completed, the bike and the rider are ready to go. It’s absolute pleasure on two wheels, with the wind in your face and a shower from above. Several bike tours, particularly in the Western Ghats, are planned during the monsoon season. During the rains, motorways heading out of the city or less-traveled country roads are as pleasant.

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