L’Oreal Turns To Google As Pandemic Incentive Virtual Make-up Lug

Whether you’re changing up your hair colour or trying out a new lipstick, our virtual try-on tool allows you to try on hundreds of shades with zero commitment.
If you’ve ever used a hair color changer or makeup app, you know they can be a ton of fun, but L’Oréal Paris is making trying on beauty products easier than ever before to with their virtual makeover tool. The virtual try-on feature, which is built into L’Oréal’s site, allows you to try on hair colors and cosmetics before you make the figurative leap and purchase them. Thanks to ModiFace technology, the experience is better than any makeup app or hair color changing app we’ve ever seen, allowing you to get a realistic idea of how a color will look on you. So convenient! Ready to learn how to put this virtual makeup and hair color simulator to use? We’re sharing how you can enjoy a high-tech shopping experience below. Want to see what bright blue eye shadow would look like gracing your lids? How about an intense highlighter on your cheekbones or pretty purple color on your strands? You can make it happen—and all you need is a webcam, a cell phone camera, or even a selfie.

Soon you'll be able to test L'Oreal's cosmetics using augmented reality!


1. Select one of the products you would like to virtually try on
2. Click Tap& Try and see your new look live or upload a selfie
3. Flick through the shades to find the product that best suits you


Virtual Try On: Live Virtual Try On of Makeup & Hair Color Products Online  | L'Oréal Paris

Once you’re on your computer, tablet, or phone, you can get the right to receive your virtual makeover. Start by heading over to the Makeup Virtual Try-On hub and choosing which try-on option you prefer: You can either do a live try-on using your camera or upload a photo. Click the option you prefer, and when your visage appears on the screen, be ready to get a new makeup look (if you want to play with hair, head over to our Hair Color Virtual Try-On instead). Find the products that you want to try on based on each makeup category. Once you’re “wearing” the new product, you can easily switch between different shades to see which is the best match for your skin tone. You can test one product at a time or give yourself a full face of virtual makeup!