Majuli Cycle Cafe: Encourage Growth Of The Environment

Monalisa Gogoi-

Majuli introduced an alarming idea for Tourists, The idea is mainly focused to foster development of the environment.


It is a non-profit organization Root Bridge Foundation, The café is at Garamur in Majuli. Whole place consists of Coffee shop, Cycle Rental place, library, Art gallery, village shop and yeah, they have also a space for the Art performance.

They have Different textile products like table runners, table mats, shawls are available at the Café. The library books in café are arranged through crowd sourcing.

The café is a part of Majuli Sustainable Tourism Development Project (MSTDP), an initiative of Assam Tourism Development Corporation (ADTC), in association with Root Bridge Foundation for the promotion of cycle tourism in world’s largest river delta, Majuli, informed a district administration official.

How To reach?

So, Majuli can’t be reached by Air, Jorhat (Assam) is the only way to reach majuli via Neamati Ghat which is of 43.7 Km.

Nearest Airport: Jorhat Airport (JRH)

If you want to reach there by road then drop the idea, Since Majuli is a river island, it doesn’t have any well-maintained system of roadways. So, you cannot take a bus or taxi to Majuli. Again, the only option is to rely on a nearby city, specifically Jorhat to reach this beautiful island. You will have to travel on a ferry.

Reach Majuli by train:

There is no train available to Majuli. As Majuli is not commercialised, it is kept as close to nature as possible. Hence, no railway tracks are laid there. If you wish to travel by train, you can get a train to Jorhat which is connected with Guwahati, a major Assam city.