Namdapha National Park: Know Ways through it

Located in the north-eastern state of India- Arunachal Pradesh, the Namdapha National Park is the largest protected area in India and the perfect Eastern Himalaya biodiversity hotspot. It is known as one of the richest areas in biodiversity in India, the park harbors the northernmost lowland evergreen rainforests in the world at 27°N latitude. The area is also characterized for extensive Dipterocarp forests among the last great remote wilderness areas of Asia.



Changlang district, Arunachal Pradesh, India



In 1972, Namdapha was originally declared a Wildlife Sanctuary and after that it was declared as National Park in 1983 and became a Tiger Reserve under the Project Tiger scheme in the same year. Its name was combination of two Singpho words “nam” means water and “dapha” means origin (river which originates from Dapha Bum glaciers.


How to Reach:

Namdapha National Park is easily accessible via an extensive network of roads, rail lines and airports. Here is more about reaching the national park via rail, road and air. Namdapha National Park is easily connected via an extensive road network. Good motorable roads connect Miao, the entry point of Namdapha from different regions of the country. The Forest Rest House, Deban which is located inside the Namdapha National Park area is 186 km from Dibrugarh, 136 km from district headquarter Changlang and 141 km from Tinsukia. Assam State Transport Corporation and Arunachal Pradesh State Transport buses daily operate between Dibrugarh and Miao through towns like Tinsukia, Margherita, Ledo, Jagun and Kharsang.


Best Places to Stay:

(i) Hotel Royal Highness (61.4 km from Namdapha)
(ii) Chai Seeds Resort (46 km from Namdapha)
(iii) Namdapha Camp


Best Time of Year to Visit:

Namdapha National Park can be visited during the winter months when the humid subtropical climate of the park keeps the season mild and experiences an average temperature of 25°C-8°C between November through February. Best time of the year to visit during October as the mercury rarely goes above 29°C.


Nearest Railway station and Airport:

Nearest Airport at Mohanbari, Dibrugarh, Assam 182 km from Forest Rest House, Deban, within the Namdapha National Park area.

Nearest long distance Railway station is Tinsukia Railway Station, Assam, 141 km from Forest Rest House, Deban, within the Namdapha National Park area.