Netflix’s new feature is called “Fast Laughs” ,a TikTok-like video feed

|Looking to experiment with their content, Netflix has introduced a short video format called Fast Laughs

|Based on the TikTok format, the videos will be 15 to 45 seconds in length

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|Netflix has confirmed that the feature will roll out for select markets like the US and UK

Well, it looks like the TikTok revolution has not died down as yet, in fact, the TikTok format seems to be growing more popular by the day. So popular that even Netflix has decided to adopt the vertical video feed format from TikTok. Dubbed Fast Laughs, the format offers short, bite-sized clips from its vast but ultimately underwhelming comedy specials. The Fast Laughs feed will include content from original shows as well as licensed programs. Netflix does have something similar in the form of Netflix is a Joke which posts longer clips of various shows on the platform.

Although Netflix has adopted a similar format, the aim of Fast Laughs is to help users find out about new shows, etc. In this modern age of fast media, this seems like a pretty decent idea to get more people onto the platform. But after news of the Indian government looking at regulating OTT platforms, how much of that uncensored content will actually be left? No one really knows, but if regulation on Indian television is any metric to go by, the content on OTT platforms will resemble the cut-up corpse of films and shows we see on Indian television.