Off Centre Markets In Northeast India.

Monalisa Gogoi-

The Northeast of India is known for doing things differently, and it’s markets are no exception. diverse cultures and traditions, it has some of the most outstanding markets that have sustained through the years. Here are some of those markets – each representing a different culture and tradition.
Ima Market: Called the mother’s market in Manipuri, it is only market in the world that is entirely run by women. This age-old institution practices equality an provides nook for women to depend on themselves. Bustling with people, . More than 5000 women sell almost everything ranging from spices to local food, textiles to household wares. One must encounter the most amazing market exists in Imphal.

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Ima market

Darangiri Market: The largest banana market in Asia! Darangari market is located in Goalpara, Assam, and  is known throughout the country for its produce that is exported to Bhutan, Bangladesh and several other countries. With over 15,000 sellers, producers and the likes, no less than 50 truckloads are sold in a day! A whopping monthly turnover of 4 crore is what this market experiences for months on end. While most of the bananas are sought over throughout the country, some varieties such as the ‘Chenichampa’ is favoured by the eastern states while the ‘malbhog’ variety is a favourite in Assam itself.

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Darangiri market

Nghah Lou Dawr: Literally translating to ‘shops without shopkeepers’, Mizoram maintains this tradition of little shops in Aizawl, dotting the highway of Seling. You can pay off any amount in the money box which are kept around. The concept of trust is an astounding idea.

Mizoram Shops With No Shopkeepers Sets An Example For Trust & Kindness
Nghah Lou Dawr

Wednesday Market: Known throughout the country, the Wednesday Market in Dimapur is a paradise for meat lovers due to its abundance of meat in different forms and varieties. If you’ve had enough of chicken, this market will provide you with ones that go beyond your usual fare. Snails, snakes, crabs, frogs, pork, beef or worms, everything is treated as a delicacy and sold. Intriguing to most people, this market preserves the tradition of selling meat and thus, does not stop at one variety of it. Don’t be surprised if you find vendors selling silkworms, grasshoppers or flies. The Nagas believe in the beauty of all things big and small, and the tiniest morsels make the most delicious and interesting ones.

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Wednesday market