Perfect Hideout Destination- Haflong, Assam

Everybody knows that life is good in the green zone, well how about exploring the most beautiful hill station that is in Assam, will get the best experience in your life which can’t be vanished from your head for sure, the gorgeous valleys, scenic landscape, and majestic mountains, oh just wow! The destination also provides the best options for trekking and camping. 

The Valley Of Death For Birds – Citizen Of The Earth

The locals are very friendly, if you guys want help then they are ever ready to help everyone, even they provide shelter too, and they will share their lifetime achievement., about their ancients, their beautiful culture, and traditions Haflong Lake is one of the many tourist attractions in Haflong which is known for its scenic setting. Such is the exquisiteness of this place that people often come here to spend time with friends and family. We can also say that Haflong is blessed with a wealth of greenery and natural beauty. Amidst the picturesque environments, there are various attractions in the town that makes vacationing in Haflong even more exciting. 

There are diverse options that you can do in Haflong: 


Haflong, a lone hill station in the lap of nature | Times of India Travel

There are many waterfalls around Haflong. To reach most of these waterfalls, one has to perform easy to moderate trekking. These are short treks that take around 4-5 hours to complete.

Cultural Tour

The Weekend Escape to Haflong-Judima Festival – The Arrived Hermit!

Haflong is inhabited by different tribes. Tourists can interact with the people of these tribes to know about their culture and tradition. People in Haflong are amicable and hospitable towards tourists.

You can also do trekking and camping and arrange your bonfire too which will be great. 

Winter is the most suitable time to tour Haflong. The season ends in March. Summer is another ideal season to visit Haflong. The temperature during the season ranges from 24 degrees to 20 degrees Celsius, and the weather remains moderately hot. Whereas, monsoon is not at all an ideal time to explore the town because of heavy rain.