Perfect Soundtrack With 1950s Song “Qismat ki Hawa” In “Ludo”

Ludo streaming on NETFLIX written and directed by Anurag Basu is an amusing dark comedy, that celebrates the ineffable unpredictability of life. A stellar star cast, a novel story, and expert direction make this a film well worth your time, though it’s not without its flaws.

However, Ludo made us recall an old song “Qismat Ki Hawa” from the black-and-white movie Albela, released in 1951.

The movie Ludo has some amazing soundtracks which include beautiful meaning too, but I personally can’t stop the buzz in my mind “Ooo Beta Ji arre Ooo babuji Qismat ki hawa kabhi naram kabhi garam” ever since then I heard this song, and I’m not the only one for sure.

Originally composed and sung by C. Ramchandra, with lyrics by Rajendra Krishna, the song is picturized on Bhagwan Dada. And, from its picturization to its beats to its lyrics, the song is a laughter riot.

The song has thankfully been used in Ludo without being remixed. In the movie, of course, it becomes the perfect start to the amusingly eccentric ride the film’s characters are unknowing, embarking upon.

LyricsIndia: ओ बेटा जी, किस्मत की हवा कभी गरम - kismat kii havaa kabhii garam (Albela) / अलबेला-(Albela)